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About the artist

hannah with geometric weave.jpg

Hannah Emerson, born November 1987, is the owner and creator behind Tethered Twine. She is an American fiber artist based in Amsterdam.


From the time she was born, she has always been a creative soul. Most hours growing up were spent drawing, painting or creating friendship bracelets. As her artistic interests expanded throughout her life, it was only natural to study art at university, and has a degree in fine arts from the US. At university she specialized in still-life charcoal drawing, but her interests in creating something tangible grew exponentially after she graduated. Now her favorite artistic endeavors include techniques such as macrame, weaving and crochet. 

After 3 years of creating macrame or woven wall hangings, there weren't any more walls in her home to hang her pieces, so therefore, in 2019 she moved to the internet to sell them there. 

In the last few years Hannah began teaching workshops on macrame, weaving and crochet to share her passions with others. She found that she loves teaching as much as creating an artistic piece itself, and she can't wait to meet you in one of her workshops some time soon.

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