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Custom orders

Are you looking for a special macrame piece that isn't available in my shop? Do you have a specific design in mind that you would like created just for you?

Find out more about how to request your special artwork.

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On this page you will be able to:​

  • view my requirements for accepting custom orders

  • find rough guides on pricing for commission work

  • understand how the process works

  • be able to start the process by filling out my custom order request form below!

Custom Order Requirements

  1. My minimum order for custom work is €125. 

  2. I require a 50% deposit prior to beginning the physical work of a piece. 


Pricing varies greatly depending on the size, detail and intricacy of a piece. Please see below rough estimates by size. ​

  • Medium (50 - 75 cm wide) €125-€150

  • Large (75 - 100 cm wide) €150-€200

  • XL (100 - 120+ cm wide) €200-€300​

​In order to provide a more accurate quote I will need to know all of the specific details for your piece​​​​​​, so please be as detailed as possible in the request form below.

The process

  1. First, you will submit the form below outlining the details of what you are looking for.

  2. Next, I will contact you via email to ask for clarification as needed and answer any questions you have. I will also let you know the next time frame I have available and provide a more specific quote.

  3. If you approve the quote and time slot, I will sketch some ideas out for your piece (if needed).  

  4. When you have approved the sketch, I will send you an invoice for the deposit, and once that has been paid I will begin working on your piece. 

  5. Once I've finished making your piece, I will send you a photo for approval, and if you don't have any changes or requests, I will send you an invoice for the remaining payment. The piece will ship once the remaining payment has been cleared.

Submit a request for a custom order or quote

Thanks for your request! We'll get back to you soon.

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